What is Moot Court? 

Moot Court is a simulated court proceeding that is used in most law schools. It involves the preparation of a legal argument for a hypothetical legal case called a "moot problem". The argument is then orally presented in front of a panel of judges that assess participants based on the strength and quality of their argument, as well as the correct use of relevant legal concepts and terminology. Moot Court is generally designed for law students, and a mandatory activity for the first years. Moot Court differs from mock trial in that it does not involve a jury, the presentation of evidence, or the questioning of witnesses. Participants will be arguing in an Appellate Court about a legal issue and making a case about whether or not the lower court made the correct verdict. While we are holding a moot court, it is not as formal as ones practiced in law school. We wish to emphasize this as there are several procedures and details exempt from the one we are holding.


Undergraduate students from all faculties and schools in BC!

What kind of experience is required to participate in Moot Court?


How to participate in Moot Court:

  1. Register for the competition by purchasing your ticket on Showpass. After registering, you will be eligible to submit a legal brief for review.

  2. Prepare a legal brief, i.e. a summary of your argument in point form. It must include both sides of the argument and use the relevant legal concepts presented in the moot problem. The Moot Court Participant Package will provide you with more detailed instructions about the case and the submission deadline.

  3. After our team has reviewed all of the briefs, you will receive an email indicating whether or not you have been accepted into the competition.

  4. If you have been accepted, you will receive further details about the conference, payment, and argument structuring.

  5. Upon confirming your acceptance into the competition, you can begin preparing your oral argument, which you will present in front of a panel of judges during the competition!

Why participate in Moot Court:

  • It allows you to gain exposure to the legal environment and experience in a legal setting

  • You will be exercising analytical, argumentative and public speaking skills

  • As this competition is open to all faculties, you will get the chance to meet people of diverse backgrounds with similar interests!